[ENG SUBS] 170207 - Tiffany SNSD IG Story Live (Hyoyeon


[ENG SUBS] 170207 - Tiffany + SNSD IG Story Live (Hyoyeon & Yoona Live Commentary)

Watch for Yoona's and Hyoyeon spamming comments on Tiffany's stream! Turn on CC for English Subs Translations by SonexStella https://twitter.com/Sonexstella http://sonexstella.me/

[ENG SUBS] 170207 - SNSD IG Live (2nd Live Yuri Spamming Comments)

Tiffany second live IG story of the day with SNSD members. Yuri spams comments during the stream. Turn on CC for Eng Subs. Translations by SonexStella https://twitter.com/Sonexstella http://sonexst...

[Eng Sub] Sunny Hyoyeon IG Live Cut 170829 - Yoona, Beer, and Sogeum highlights

Edited clips from Sunny and Hyoyeon's Instagram Live August 29, 2017. As usual, I don't have full translations, but tried my best. Full video (1 hr, 16 min) from: 소녀시대의 모든 것...

[ENG SUB] Tiffany IG Livestream - Casio photoshoot (170207)

Translations by SonexStella and jasminelep, I just added them to the video.

[Eng Sub] SNSD Hyoyeon IG Live 171201 - Seohyun and Speaking English Cut

Clips of Hyoyeon's Instagram Live stream where she chats with Seohyun and speaks English. Enjoy. www.twitter.com/snapfinger42.

20170207 Tiffany IG Live (ENG SUB)

Ripped from live stream (not screen recording). Missing first 16 seconds. Enable CC for English subs from https://twitter.com/Sonexstella / https://twitter.com/SoonkyunerLater.

[ENG SUB] 170603 Hyoyeon Instagram Live

Make sure to follow our twitter for all updates on uploads and projects: https://twitter.com/mysonesubs Thanks to @thegoguma for the work with IG live rips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn47Tj...

[Eng Sub] 170309 Taeyeon - Birthday Instagram Live HD

Credits to T T | © No Copyright Infringement Intended. CC Caption (Eng) is available.

[170207] Tiffany Instagram Live

Live with member Girls Generation.

170829 Hyoyeon's SNSD Instagram Live with Sunny Today - Called Yoona!!

20170829 써니 & 김효연 (Sunny & Hyoyeon) Girls' Generation - Hyoyeon's Instagram Live with Sunny. Sunny : 515sunnyday Hyoyeon : watasiwahyo #GirlsGeneration #Sunny #Hyoyeon #SNSD #Yoona...

SNSD Yuri IG Live - Speaking English Cut 171117

Clips of Yuri's Instagram Live stream where she speaks a lot of English. Enjoy http://www.twitter.com/snapfinger42.

[Eng Sub] SNSD Hyoyeon - Testing her English Skill

Hyoyeon is forced to deal with her fear of English by being tricked into having a conversation in English. Enjoy. I don't have full translations. Sorry for any errors. http://twitter.com/sna...