Jeff Sessions Forces Racist Media To Eat Their Lies


Jeff Sessions Takes on Racism Charges at Confirmation Hearing

Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for Attorney General, takes on racism accusations at his Senate confirmation hearing. Subscribe to Fusion: ...

Sessions responds to past racism allegations

Sen. Jeff Sessions defends himself against past allegations of racism at his confirmation hearing for attorney general.

Jeff Sessions: 'I Abhor the Klan'

Jeff Sessions on 1986 Allegations of Racism: 'I Abhor the Klan' | Donald Trump's pick for U.S. attorney general testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Old allegations of racism plague Sen. Sessions

Old allegations of racism against Sen. Jeff Sessions are being brought up now that he is being considered as a potential Cabinet member. CNN's Drew Griffin ...

Jeff Sessions: "It Was Very Painful" To Be Called a Racist

Here's what happened when Sen. Jeff Sessions was asked what it "feels" like to be called a racist.

RECAP: Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing (Day 1)

Highlights from the first day of Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general confirmation hearing.

Jeff Sessions reacts to being called a "bigot"

Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump's selection for attorney general, says he has seen racial discrimination firsthand, and discusses equal rights to ...

Jeff Sessions Forces Racist Media To Eat Their Lies

The confirmation hearings for President Elect Donald Trump's cabinet began with Senator Jeff Sessions confirmation as The United States Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing in 5 minutes

In his all-day confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama commented on the Hillary Clinton's email investigation and Roe v. Wade, he ...

Ex-Sessions staffer: Session's is 'absolutely not' a racist

Former Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee William Smith on his experience working with Senator Jeff Sessions.

Will Sessions Double Down On The Racist War on Drugs?

Big Picture Panel: Bryan Pruitt, RedState & Kai Newkirk, Democracy Spring/99Rise. The war on drugs, according to the Nixon aide who largely put it into place, ...

FNN: Sen. Tim Scott Explains His SUPPORT for Jeff Sessions as a Black Man, Reads RACIST Hate Tweets

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Booker, Richmond, Lewis, say Jeff Sessions is unfit to be Attorney General

The Congressional Black Caucus including Senator Cory Booker, Representative Cedric Richmond, and Representative John Lewis testified against confirming ...

FNN: Cory Booker Calls Out His Senate Colleague Jeff Sessions During Civil Rights Questioning

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: Democrat Cory Booker says his Senate colleague Jeff Sessions has at times exhibited hostility toward civil ...

Jeff Sessions Comes Under Fire During Attorney General Confirmation Hearing

Sessions promising to uphold the law and hoping for a better outcome than 30 years ago, when his bid to be a federal judge failed.

MUST WATCH: Female Protester INTERRUPTS Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing, Calls Room "Evil" - FNN

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on the nomination of Republican Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions ...

Jeff Sessions calls any suggestion of collusion a ‘detestable lie’

Jeff Sessions calls any suggestion of collusion a 'detestable lie'

MTV writer slammed for tweets about Sen. Sessions' family

Boston Herald Columnist Adriana Cohen and Daily Caller News Foundation Chris Bedford on an MTV writer's tweet about Senator Jeff Session's family.