Presidential PISS FETISH!


Presidential PISS FETISH!? Trump's Big Leak!

Buzzfeed Leaked a Bombshell Report alledging that President-Elect Donald Trump may have paid hookers to piss all over a bed that the Obama's had once ...

Donald Trump Denies Paying Prostitutes To Pee On A Russian Bed

Trump press conference about Golden Shower allegations that he paid prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed in Russia because President Barack Obama and ...


Here's the link to the giveaway video: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! YOU ARE ...

Sniff and piss fetish

Sniffing and pissing ASMR.

Trump: The Entire Russian Dossier Story Can't Be True Because I'm a Germaphobe & Pee Is Gross

In this Majority Report clip, we listen to the next president of the United States laugh off reports that he has long and extensive ties to the Kremlin, that his ...

Golden Shower Sexual Fetish, Why Does He Like me To Pee On Him?

Dr. Dawn Michael clinical sexologist talks about men who enjoy golden showers, but the extreme part of it as well as a deeper look into the reasons why they ...

Trump Gets Pissy About Golden Shower Story - The Ring Of Fire

Buzzfeed published an alleged intelligence document claiming that the reason Donald Trump is so beholden to Russia is because they have evidence that he ...

Piss on Donald Trump

Piss on Donald Trump.


Taking it like it's from a Russian prostitute, here is a Golden Shower for Trump!

Trump’s Major Funder Has A Human Urine Fetish (Seriously)

Donald Trumps new major donor is OBSESSED with collection human urine samples. This is true and insane. He's got well over 10000 samples. Learn about ...

Donald Trump I want To Piss On You

Donald Trump Golden shower Inauguration.

Trump Pee Party Tape .GIF FAIL!

Some American Fat and sad Liberal's attempt at slandering the best president ever in the world! Trump Pee Party Tape cartoon .gif Don Trumps forever!

Prostitutes Pissing On A Bed, Rant 1 13 2017

Prostitutes Pissing On A Bed Rant 1-13-2017 Before we get to Fake News let's look at the so called Russian hacking. On the surface ...

Trump Piss Video Leaked!!!

Donald Trump and His Urine Soaked Parties. Exclusive Video Content!

218: Russia Pee Meryl Streep Trump Golden Shower

Phillip and Edgar Berrynutt (and Jackie Broyles! and Dunlap!) discuss the unverified scandalous 100% full-of-holes probably true classified CIA ...

Donald Trump Pee Scandal.mp4

Everything you need to know about the #goldengate Trump piss scandal.

Is THIS Why Guns Should Be Allowed in SCHOOLS!?

There's been a quite a few senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump's cabinet picks...but none so far have been as strange as the hearing for his pick for ...

Samantha Bee Gloriously Discusses Trump's Possible Pee Fetish

This week, President-elect was accused of enjoying golden showers in Russia. He responded by stated, “I'm a germaphobe.” Comedienne Samantha Bee joked ...

Piss Tape, Israel

pee pee pee pee peee.