Senator Graham issues warning to Democrats attacking Jeff Sessions

Senator Graham issues warning to Democrats attacking Jeff Sessions

Senator Graham issues warning to Democrats attacking Jeff Sessions.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Questions Sen. Jeff Sessions on Russian Hacking

McCaskill Takes Down Trump by Asking Intelligence Chief 'Who Benefits' From 'Trashing the Intelligence Community' At a Senate Armed Services Committee .

Lindsey Graham Warns Democrats Trying to Smear Jeff Sessions as a Racist

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Lindsey Graham DESTROYS NAACP Rep at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

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FNN: Sen. Lindsay Graham Talks College Football, Alabama Legacy During Jeff Sessions Hearing

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on the nomination of Republican Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions ...

Senator Graham Questions Jeff Sessions

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Sen. Cory Booker unleashes unprecedented attack against Jeff Sessions as attorney general

In a choice between standing with Senate norms and standing up for what my conscience tells me is best for our country, I will always choose conscience and ...

BREAKING – Senator Who Attacked Jeff Sessions Caught in BOMBSHELL Scandal

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Graham Questions NAACP President on Republicans’ Low Ratings with Organization

As race relations in the U.S. continue to make headlines, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham took the opportunity Wednesday to question NAACP President ...


Republican Ted Cruz Blasted The Democratic Party For Letting President Obama Destroy and Break Numerous Laws Passed By Congress. “YOU GUYS LET ...

Democrats lash out against Sessions

Radio Talk Show Host Tammy Bruce and WOR Radio Talk Show Host Mark Simone on Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing.

Sen Feinstein vs Sen Sessions on Abortion, Women's Health, Defending His Reputation

Tuesday morning, Senator Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General will appear before the Senate for his confirmation hearing.

Charles Benninghoff: Race-Baiting Democrats Oppose Sen. Sessions for Attorney General

Race-baiting Democrat Senators seek to derail Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions because of Sessions' past work to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan and racist ...

Sen. Jeff Sessions on The Laura Ingraham Show (7/19/2016)

Sen. Sessions- (R-AL) "the big issues that Trump has been talking about have resonated with people"

Jeff Sessions - Trump Cabinet

Jeff Sessions appointed Attorney General by Trump He has tried to ban same sex marriage, hard on drugs, might take firearm rights away from some, called ...

Senator Jeff Sessions On The Dangers of Liberal Immigration Policies

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MSNBC Panel: Senate Dems Need More Time To Grill 'Bigot' Jeff Sessions

MSNBC's ever pleasant Joy Reid set her sights on Republican Senator Jeff Sessions on All In Thursday, with the usual accusation if racism. Reid and her panel ...